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Goodness! Yogurt and Fruit Smoothies | Low Fat, Protein Rich Yogurt| Ready to Drink Mixed Berry Flavoured Beverage (Pack of 12)

1. MATERIAL FEATURES: Vegetarian, 12 bottles of Mixed Berry flavour, 190ml volume per bottle, shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacturing, tamper proof seal for freshness and safety 2. BENEFIT FROM YOGURT- All Goodness! Smoothies are made with low fat 100% natural yogurt derived from toned fresh milk; Yogurt is similar to dahi/curd and is good for the intestine, aids digestion and is protein rich food; It is a great alternative for those that don't like milk; Greek yogurt is another variation of regular yogurt which requires refrigeration at all times. 3. PROTEIN AND FRUIT DRINK-Each bottle has approximately 6gms protein (equivalent to 1 egg); Real fruit pulp (not concentrate or flavour) are mixed with yogurt to make our smoothies; The flavours are mild and each bottle contains 40% more fruit than leading beverages. 4. NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS- There are no preservatives, artificial colours or flavours in our drinks; All ingredients are sourced from export quality suppliers. 5. IDEAL FOR LUNCH BOXES, PRE-WORKOUT AND TRAVEL- Our Smoothies can be stored at room temperature (that's right, no refrigeration is required until they are opened). This is achieved through the use of innovative processing technology. No preservatives are added into the product. If you prefer ready-to-eat food because of its convenience, you will love our ready-to-drink smoothies. Now, safely carry a smoothie with you wherever you go.Yogurt smoothies are preferred drinks for both kids and adult